My Top 5 Most Favorite OPM Songs

  1. In Love Ako Sa’Yo – Darren Espanto
  2. 7 Minutes – Darren Espanto
  3. You Changed My Life In A Moment – Sarah Geronimo
  4. Jeepney Love Story – Yeng Constantino
  5. Someone’s Always Saying Goodbye – Toni Gonzaga


“In Love Ako Sa’Yo” and “7 Minutes” by Darren Espanto are my top 2 favorite OPM songs because of the fact that I Love Darren and his music. “In Love Ako Sa’Yo” is the carrier single from his debut album, and I love it because I can relate so much to it and it feels like my love for Darren is expressed through the lyrics of that song. I also love “7 Minutes”, the carrier single of his second album, because of its great melody. And even though it has a heartbreaking lyrics, I still love it because of how it brings so much emotions to me every time I listen to this song.

On the other hand, I like the song “You Changed My Life In A Moment” and “Jeepney Love Story” because I can relate to some of the lyrics of these songs and I like their melodies even if the other one is a pop rock genre. Also, “Someone’s Always Saying Goodbye” is a very heartbreaking song, but I still like it because it doesn’t sounds so heartbreaking at all.


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