My Best Gift For My Mom

momproudEvery Birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas Season, I give presents to my mom to show how much I love her. It may not all my best gifts for her, but I already know what I like to give to my mom when the time comes. The gift that will surely make her cry because of happiness.

If there would be one gift that I like to give to my mom and will surely the best gift that she’ll receive, I think it would be my college diploma after I finish my studies. I want to give this to her because I know how much she sacrificed and worked so hard just to enroll me in private schools as a single parent to me. I want that diploma to be my “Thank You Gift” to her for providing me good education and every thing that I need in my life.


Making my mom so happy and proud at the same time would give happiness to me too. So for me to accomplish my diploma, I will study well and do good in school so that I could give the best gift that my mom would love to receive in her entire life.


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