My Bucket List!


The list of things that I want to achieve not just in my dreams, but to make it happen in real life soon!


  1. Travel the Philippines first with My Loved Ones
  2. Travel the World with My Loved Ones
  3. Road Trip with My Loved Ones using my own car
  4. Go to Darren Espanto’s Concerts every year
  5. Go to Taylor Swift’s Concert in VIP
  6. Meet and Hug Taylor Swift
  7. Go to Canada during Winter, Spring, and Fall Season
  8. Publish My Own Book
  9. Meet Jang Geun Suk when he visits the Philippines
  10. Do covers of songs and post it on social media
  11. Join any reality shows on ABS-CBN
  12. Go to an adventure with my friends
  13. Get married at age of 27-30
  14. Have 2 kids
  15. Grow old with my husband happily and still in love

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